A few days ago I’ve started a discussion on “Reality Transurfing” with this  quote from Vadim Zeland:

– “Having received a Key to Controlling Reality, you will discover the World where the Impossible comes True.” VZ


Using “Reverse Engineering” as a Discovery Method I wil attempt to shed some Light on “What is the Key to Controlling Reality”.




First we shared on “If the Impossible can become Possible, or even True – Realized, what kind of the Impossible it is?


We discovered that Possible-Impossible are just mind Concepts, metaphors. Theoretically, everything is Possible – Flying Castles, Talking Animals, Aliens… etc. But in our “Slice” of Reality, non of there things are likely to happen in a Million Years.


– side note: [In my experience, Transurfing offers only Practical methods – if we were to apply these methods, we should see the results either fast or pretty fast ;)]


Thus, Possible-Impossible has to do with our Perceptions. What is Possible for one is Impossible for another, sometimes simply because of Social Conditioning.


– Example: “Some people of the West would refuse to stay or live on the 13th floor, as they consider it “Bad Luck”. For such an Individual, it’s “Impossible” to live on the 13th floor. While his friend from Japan would have no Problem with the number 13, he might refuse to visit the 4th floor, for the same reason.


A more Complex example would be someone who Wants something, but feels/thinks that he can’t have it, that it’s too Difficult, that he/she is not the kind of Person who can have it, etc.This is what we call – Limiting Beliefs.



Second Question was – “What is the World where Impossible comes True, and How to Discover it?”


Since we already know from the previous step that we are Dealing with Perceptions and Mind Programming we can deduct that “The World where Impossible comes True” is our own Mind. Although Mind is a very broad term, and many traditions put different meaning into it, for the purpose of this report we’ll define Mind as a “Receiver-Transmitter of Information” – thoughts, emotions, visions, sensations.


“In the province of the Mind what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be found experimentally and experientially. When so found these limits turn out to be further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits. However, in the province of the body there are definite limits not to be transcended.” ~John Lilly


And the last part of the question – How to Discover it?


You do know the Answer I hope! It’s been repeated in many different ways for Millenniums:


-“Know Thy Self, Discover your Potential, Enlightenment (as a process, not a destination)…”




Now let’s put this all together.


There is a Key (“Self-Knowledge” – as Ability to Alter the Content of One’s “Mind”),  to Controlling Reality (One’s Mind’s Perceptions and Abilities), “Having received a key to controlling reality, you will discover the world where the Impossible comes True” – With Self-Knowledge you will be able to Intentionally change the Perceptions you have, about the World and Yourself, and Align them with your True Self Potential.


Let’s read it again:


“With Self-Knowledge you will be able to Intentionally change the Perceptions you have, about the World and Yourself, and Align them with your True Self Potential.”


Now, let’s make it Practical. If you have a Dream or want to achieve something, write down all the reasons you can think of, that Prevent you from Achieving your goal. Look through the list and work on each of the Barriers starting with the easy ones and progressing to the Hard ones. For each Barrier find a few ways you can overcome it. If you can’t think of any, ask people in the group, or someone you think might be able to help you with that particular issue.


To your Success!

Nikola KindRad



Thank you for reading!

Please, let me know what you think, ask questions, make suggestions – all welcome!



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