I love science and a big fan of science fiction. Science help us to discover the Universe around us, fiction stimulates Imagination to see new possibilities and flexes our minds from rigid thinking.

One of my favorite SciFi films is “Back to Future” and recently I came across a documenty made by the Discovery Channel called “The Worlds First Time machine”. There you will learn about one scientist who is attempting to build a real working time machine. After watching this documentary I felt somethings is not quite right with all the theories.

The main premise of the Time Travel is that Time has other Dimensions. Just like space has 3 dimensions – up-down, left-right, forward-backward or XYZ on the coordinate plane, Time might have other dimensions too. Sounds reasonable, we do feel like we’re traveling in Time, one way – to the Future one moment at a time, so why can’t we assume that we can go back in Time in the same manner? Or stop the Time? Or jump around 🙂

Simply because the Universe is not an Object. You can’t measure or analyze it properly with Euclidean geometry. Universe is a Process and one has to use differentials and fractal math/geometry to get a glimpse on this Great Mystery.

Universe is not only a Process, it’s a special kind of Process – an Irreversible Process.  Which implies, that on our physical level we can not Time-Travel.

Case closed? Well, not quite. My right brain is telling me that there may be another way to travel in time – without the physical body, in an Informational or Holographic Dimension. What do you think?