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  • The Story about “You” and “Me”

    If there was a magic pill

    that would show us the world

    the way it is

    to show each individual

    not what this world is made of

    but what this world is made for

    and that is

    To Exercise our Imagination

    In a sense

    science is a way

    to Exercise our Imagination

    Finance is a way

    to Exercise our Imagination

    Gulags and Genocides

    Bands, Tribes, Future Mega Civilizations

    they are all ways

    to Exercise our Imagination


    We have YET

    to FULLY







    The Rules

    That Are Not

    Natural Laws!

    We Create Rules

    About Believes

    We Create Rules about


    We Create Rules

    As we Create Words

    And Define Their Meanings

    As we Dream

    And Tell Stories


    We are like in a Dream

    We are not aware we are




    (because it is true, we do not do anything Intentionally, unless we are a violin player. Now, good violin players don’t usually(!) do on conquering nations, think about it)

    This Dream

    Goes on since

    The First time

    The Human Mind

    Was able to formulate

    the Concept of self

    you and me

    you me

    me you




    and so on and so forth

    objects have relationships

    quality of relationships

    randomly dependant

    on a slew of factors

    but one that is

    not applied frequently enough

    is to Create something Intentionally

    Like Designing a Car

    or Building an Operating System

    of Building a Bridge


    We fail to fully apply this

    to our persons

    we either dominate each other

    or we have to live in small groups

    simple life and not much trouble…

    well, why don’t we,

    the latter?


    [the story will continue on the next post]



  • Unknown History of the Planet Earth – the Olympians

    Terra Corra, as known by the Olympians, that barbarian race of disgrace. Fuck, wouldn’t the world be such a different place if they didn’t invade? With all their gadgets and tricky-trips, super-popers and their knowledge of chamical intoxicants. Those humanoid monkeys would still swim in the ocean and hack not.

    First law of Space travel states – do not alter the civilization, unless your own survival is in emergency room. Well, they stretched the paradigm and concoted the verdict, thus forever altering the evolution of primanteces on Terra Corra. Can you eMagine? To drink you gotta turn on some ‘knob’ and to eat – ‘peel off’ some plastic skin. Total artificiallity. Talk about evolution here,  condencation, nothing more.

    Next turn of the sky, humanoids will be feeling uneasy as it dawn on their replication patterns. This way or another, we’ve got an evolution, some other species just make perfect copies of themselves and start all over. The method of Replication is the measure of Intelligence in the Univerce. With so many species and living conditions, there has to be a definitive way to measure common intelligence. From lower iT perspective, it’s who’s stronger and can outsurvive everyone else, but what this primitive metaphore is still missing is the concept, or rather an experience of Infinite and Eternal Unknown. You go through this, with or without your corporal entity, and you’re up there, in a newverse, and Life is Death, always spinning and Dancing on the corpse of the Bride and eating flash of the groom. Yea, that crazy plane of CosMic forces.

    Olympians had a lot to offer, but it’s not that easy to change the mind of the primitive neanderthals – alcohol, popies, shrooms – all these catalists were quite useful and affective. Not without side effects, but that’s usually the case, in this regard Cabernet is no different from Merlot, but white wines are even more affective.

    After all, they just wanted to live well, have fun and maybe help those pur creturz of Terra Corra – their new home. But Terran mamals got sick, pretty bad, brain tumors, cancers, sexual derivations, somehow their genes were not ready for such a blast. Mutants and strange creaturs followed in their generations and Olympians decided they fucked up and left their experiments aside. 2000 years later they’ve returned to check on the forest and mutations, and what a surprize – not all is lost, some Humans got so smart they were eating soma bythemselves, and what was really surprizing, new, many new kinds of evolutionary agents and catalists were invented by humans in that short period. Well now we can talk! Have some 2-PE and C2-beta-meta-carbolite and… “I can hear you very welll! How’s the Weather on Earth?” Fucking awesome! 🙁 Do you guys read any intergalactic paper? Didn’t you know the Dawn is Near? Another Million Years and “We all Fall Down”. I mean, who cares about Terra Corra anymore? Andromeda is Coliding! Lot’s of new Conditions, Space Invaders, What the Future will Bring? Big Mind still thinking on the Ultimate Question, but all we want to  know right now – Who’s going to be the King of the Milky Way?

    All the while, on Terra COoraaA, space if wabbling and Time beeeny bon done, but Don got gone with a goon and the gun, he’s not res-public-ann, but other alegories don’t app lie, some have to die, while others live and lie, and I know it will never stop, but I’d hate to paint it.


  • Moment by moment

    As you are reading these words

    you are Experiencing Reality,



    Moment by moment.

    As fast as you can read

    you will not be able to apprehend

    this whole poem

    until you finish reading it.

    Experience is always Happening


    in the moment

    and if you can

    continue to be aware of the fact

    that you

    are reading these words


    will Continue to



    Every moment




    Letter from the Future