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Environmentalist on the Titanic

Environmentalist on the Titanic

So I have heard… There was a comedian on the Titanic. He was doing his act and wanted to poke people’s fears. So he started playing with an idea that the ship might go down and all the passengers would drown. Or freeze to death. Or be eaten by sea monsters…

-…think about it. We’re on this huge boat, made of steel and powered by a mighty steam engine. It looks so grand, so invincible. But what do we really know about building huge ships like that? We just started. And it’s the first of it’s size! And where do we send it? Worst seas – full of icebergs (other things we know little about – that’s two things we know little about, sounds like trouble to me) and storms and shallow waters, and maybe sea monsters .

People laughed and laughed. Of course, it was a joke. They didn’t know any better. They knew almost nothing about ships and icebergs and navigation. All they had was trust. They trusted that someone did the work and checked all the scenarios, and researched all possible issues, and made tests before sending hundreds of people on a last voyage of their lives.

Yet, as it often happens with modern humans – first we create than we think. After all, what could happen?! Not like we would all die from sudden undetectable cause that nobody knew about and wouldn’t warn us about! And not just die, but suffer greatly and then perish in our misery! Not like our “Supreme Leaders” would make stupid decisions that would affect millions of even billions of people on this planet, causing droughts, famines, floods, wars, nuclear explosions; corruption, crime and unrest! They never done that before, right?!

We better listen to our scientists. They know what to do. As long as they don’t follow the same routine of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions that would put other living beings at risk and in danger. No matter what the objective is, we should always question the means.

And we should always have people follow Ethical protocols to ensure that all known scenarios and all issues have been resolved before we commit to birth something into this world. For we might bring a monster to life just as easily as we can say “Hi”.

“I had a dream once, a nightmare actually. I was telling people about how bad the world is, how polluted the environment become and how much suffering we are creating for ourselves, and other living beings on this world. But the people thought it was funny. They were laughing and laughing and laughing. Till they burst into air, like bubbles in a wind. And I stood there, all alone. Misunderstood, confused and sad. Maybe if I only said different words… or in a different tone… or to different people. But maybe it’s just a dream, and I can make another one. One where people care for the world they live in and actually do something to keep it healthy and fertile. And all those “Takers” – they seem powerful and all, but they are poor inside, for they don’t know the true value of things. Because you can’t eat money. And the tree will always be a tree, but the money will become worthless paper, not even suitable for the bathroom.”

Learn to discern Reality from a Dream and you will find true Freedom.

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The Story about “You” and “Me”

If there was a magic pill

that would show us the world

the way it is

to show each individual

not what this world is made of

but what this world is made for

and that is

To Exercise our Imagination

In a sense

science is a way

to Exercise our Imagination

Finance is a way

to Exercise our Imagination

Gulags and Genocides

Bands, Tribes, Future Mega Civilizations

they are all ways

to Exercise our Imagination


We have YET








The Rules

That Are Not

Natural Laws!

We Create Rules

About Believes

We Create Rules about


We Create Rules

As we Create Words

And Define Their Meanings

As we Dream

And Tell Stories


We are like in a Dream

We are not aware we are




(because it is true, we do not do anything Intentionally, unless we are a violin player. Now, good violin players don’t usually(!) do on conquering nations, think about it)

This Dream

Goes on since

The First time

The Human Mind

Was able to formulate

the Concept of self

you and me

you me

me you




and so on and so forth

objects have relationships

quality of relationships

randomly dependant

on a slew of factors

but one that is

not applied frequently enough

is to Create something Intentionally

Like Designing a Car

or Building an Operating System

of Building a Bridge


We fail to fully apply this

to our persons

we either dominate each other

or we have to live in small groups

simple life and not much trouble…

well, why don’t we,

the latter?


[the story will continue on the next post]



MisConceptions, MisPerceptions and Why Failure to Analyze the “Phenomena” has led to the Demise of Many Civilizations

It is difficult to conceive that the Government of one’s country would conspire against it’s citizens, and yet, this has been done so many times.


It’s even more difficult to accept that a country once a Leader in Freedom and Liberties would turn into a Dictatorship and Institute a Totalitarian Regime. And, just as with the above, this has happened many times in our Collective History.


Conspiracy theories are as old as Human Civilizations. They existed in Egypt and Mesopotamia just as they exist in our Modern Civilization. Only now they’re considered a Product of a Paranoid mind. It’s true, sometimes this is the case. But as long as one Person has the Power over Another Person – there will be the Desire to take over that power, to overthrow, to conquer, to Conspire Against each other.


Nothing actually changed since the dawn of civilizations – Power Struggle, Disinformation  – Lies, Deceit and Murder were always with Us and it’s Super Naive to think that Just Because I have WiFi and iPad these things don’t exist. They do, we just don’t see them anymore. We spend most of our time being busy with nonsense – TV, Sports, Elections. No time to study History and Observe what is going on around us.


And things Change, and they Change Faster and Faster. For Decades people were talking about Ecological Problems, Energy Crisis, International Monetary Corruption and other issues our Governments didn’t want us to know, yet this went mostly unnoticed due to Our Busyness.


And now we’re loosing the Grip on Reality but wouldn’t admit it as we still Don’t See what is Going on!

We have to catch up with several Hundred Years of History and Misinformation in order to start Understanding things like – Why we (the Humanity) have such a bad situation with Water, Air and Food supplies

– Why we have Problems with Energy

– Why we still have Wars

– Why, despite all the Innovations and Technology – most of us still live in Poverty and suffer from Hunger and Abuse


The Issue really comes down to – Can we see the Big Picture or are we lost in Local misunderstandings?

Our Governments are Incompetent, to say the least, to deal with the mess we’re in.

Global Government might be even more dangerous if we don’t find a Peaceful and Intelligent way to Communicate, and this will not be possible until we’re lost in our Local Issues.


One way to deal with this would be to send a dozen World Leaders into Open Space, disconnect them from all Terrestial Communication, and take them trough some serious mind Expanding Workshops. 🙂


But as of now this has not been considered as a viable solution.


We have to Recognize that the Crisis we’re in is the Crisis of Our Civilization, it has little to do with “Who’s What When and How”, and it Has all to do with “Who Are We” and “Who Am I”?

As it is from our Understanding of Ourselves that we Build, Manifest so to say, our Civilizations.


It is our Image of Ourselves that has to be Re-Discovered.

Who are we?


Weak, Ashamed and Pitiful creatures, or


Dignified, Powerful and Intelligent Beings?


The answer to this question will decide the Fate of Our Race and the Emergence of a New Civilization – a Wiser and More Harmonious one.


The only way (as of now) I see this Transformation Happening is through Communities.

[Nothing to do with Communism or any other Political regimes.]

Through our Collective Intelligence. That’s what would and is making this possible. But one big Problem we have – we lack a Vision. A Vision that would Unite us All, Give us Hope, Energy, Courage and Power.

This new Vision would come as a result of Understanding our Current Situation – when we understand our Problem we Understand what the Solutions could be.


An Example of a Planetary Vision – Bucky Fuller’s “EarthShip”

Examples of Local visions – Return to Tribalism, Green Technologies, Usage of Robotics and Technology, Techno-Shamanism.


While Useful, Local Visions don’t address the main Issue – We live on a Finite Planet, with Finite Resources and we have Infinite ways to Squander them through local disagreements.


More and more people understand the Necessity for a new type of thinking.

I call this new type – Globular Thinking. Why Globular not Global?

“Globular” includes the Communities of all sizes and forms – ie., smaller Globes-Spheres,

while “Global” perpetuates the Old Top-Down Domination Style Management.


Globular Thinking is a Multi-Dimensional Fractal of Ideas.

No idea is Bad, no idea is Good, but they all perfectly Fit into their own Place and Time – this is a “Historical” View.

Historical View is Useful for Analysis and Understanding of How things-ideas are connected.

How a Believe that Human is Cursed somehow will cause a Civilization with all the Symptoms of that Curse.

And how a Believe in Human as a Superior to other living beings will Create a Imbalance in the EcoSphere and Ultimately as Self-Destruction.

Or how an Idea that all Humans have something in common between themselves, as well as with other Beings – animals, plants and even planets and Stars – will create a Civilization that will be Peaceful, Kind, Harmonious, Wise and Prosperous.


Knowing and Seeing this Gives us an Ability to make a Decision – This Way to Chaos and Disorder, and this Way to Peace and Harmony. This is a “Creative” usage of the Globular Thinking Fractal.

It is free from Morality, Believe, “Pride and Prejudice” and other Meme viruses. It’s considerations are Rooted in the Nature of the Human and the Environment it lives in. Like, Our need for Clean Air, Water and Food, Shelter, Social Interactions and Mental Development, Self-Actualization and “Spiritual” Realization, as well as our Interconnectedness with the Life as a Whole.


From a 10,000 feet view we can see the World as we never saw it before,

suddenly we SEE the Connections and Influences that we could only Guess about,

we forget our ‘small’ problems and arguments,

our spirit is Infused with the Energy of Life and Life itself becomes our Guiding Point.


Stick to It and Return to the Skies as Often as You can.

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