I’ve tried many things and they all seem to point in the same way. My current understanding of it is:

Our Consciousness is here to Observe and make Decisions – Steer the Wheel. Our Mind’s role is to Organize and Explore the Inner-Outer Reality.
Our Body is a Gauge, our a Link with the Earth and Nature.

We all have these 3 components, but our knowledge and use of them differ, sometimes significantly. Then, what we call our Life Experience(s) is better described as a Game, [a part of] the Grand Cosmic Game.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular Goal to the Game, it’s closer to a Flow of the River, kind of “Be with the Force”, Balance and Harmony protocol.

Once you know this – You’re a Jedi, Yogi, Shaman, Spiritual Warrior or whatever Role you want to Play at this Time-Place Continuum.

It’s all in your Hands – Eternity and Infinity – and your Hands are inside your Mind, and Your Mind is but an Echo in the Cosmic Void.