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The Story about “You” and “Me”

If there was a magic pill

that would show us the world

the way it is

to show each individual

not what this world is made of

but what this world is made for

and that is

To Exercise our Imagination

In a sense

science is a way

to Exercise our Imagination

Finance is a way

to Exercise our Imagination

Gulags and Genocides

Bands, Tribes, Future Mega Civilizations

they are all ways

to Exercise our Imagination


We have YET








The Rules

That Are Not

Natural Laws!

We Create Rules

About Believes

We Create Rules about


We Create Rules

As we Create Words

And Define Their Meanings

As we Dream

And Tell Stories


We are like in a Dream

We are not aware we are




(because it is true, we do not do anything Intentionally, unless we are a violin player. Now, good violin players don’t usually(!) do on conquering nations, think about it)

This Dream

Goes on since

The First time

The Human Mind

Was able to formulate

the Concept of self

you and me

you me

me you




and so on and so forth

objects have relationships

quality of relationships

randomly dependant

on a slew of factors

but one that is

not applied frequently enough

is to Create something Intentionally

Like Designing a Car

or Building an Operating System

of Building a Bridge


We fail to fully apply this

to our persons

we either dominate each other

or we have to live in small groups

simple life and not much trouble…

well, why don’t we,

the latter?


[the story will continue on the next post]



Corporation Above Nation – Corporate Domination/Dictatorship and the Matrix Metaphor

“Neo: [to the Deus Ex Machina] -The program “Smith” has grown beyond your control. Soon he will spread through this city, as he spread through The Matrix. You cannot stop him. But I can.”

This is where it’s going – Corporate Domination/Dictatorship. If you like the Matrix films, Agent Smith “Virus” is the Corporation – Here’s Why – It’s a “Program” (and Idea), just like Corporation; It’s taken human-like shape/form – This is Corporate Personhood; It’s able to multiply and absorb it’s copies back to one – Corporate Mergers and Multinationals; Even Matrix (culture/civilization) is against it/endangered by it – It’s a Psychopath and it’s only goal is total domination over all and everything; It’s going to Fall, but not before every drop of Human Courage and Strength is Engaged and put on the line; but more then that, Neo must die too. As to who or what he represent I can only guess… one guess would be – Neo is representing our illusion of “self”; self that is separate from all the rest, self that is afraid to die, self that clings to this world, that is wounded, that collects Money, Power and Authority as a way to be Immortal, self that doesn’t know that it will die no matter what – “Everything that has a Beginning has an End” (The Oracle) – this sounds much like Smith, and it is, as Smith and Neo are “self”-brothers – one is completely Psychopathic, another is almost Enlightened Christ-like being, on the edge of Universal Consciousness, yet still believing in it’s mortality. Dying Neo returns to the Source, maybe to return, already Connected and Aware of this Connection, and/or to teach others.

“Agent Smith: -Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist? ”
“Neo: -Because I choose to.”

Corporation Above Nation: EU-US trade deal to harm consumers – YouTube.

“Metal” of the 5 Elements and the Beginning of the Industrial Civilization

What I will describe may sound like a War of Magicians, with Alchemical procedures and symbolic language. But bear with me, it will all make sense at the end.


Since I saw The Last Airbender movie I got fascinated by this analogy between 4 Tribes of Humanity and the dominance of the Fire Nation over the other groups -Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, and the Air Nomads. I saw this as a reflection of our current situation where White Race is dominating and destroying the other ethnicities. There was also a Native American (?) legend with a similar story line, similarly putting the white man as a dominating race. It was all so fascinating, but it was too mythical and I felt something was missing. Until one day during a shamanic ceremony I realized that Fire nation has something to do with Metal Element in Chinese 5 Elements system. For one, metal is not easily accessible and to discover Metal humans needed Fire in the first place. So there was a thread here. Another aspect of Metal, is that it’s ‘opposite’ is Plastic, which is a curse of our Modern age. Derived from petroleum, it is not biodegradable and highly toxic to the ecosphere. But how come, I was thinking, Metal became one of the Primordial Elements, it feels so modern this theory.


So I dug it a bit. Indeed, 5 elements system incorporating Metal is only used in Chinese Wu Xing system, where Metal and Wood replaced Air. Air, or Prana in Hinduism is the Vital Energy of Life, and replacing it with Wood and Metal is akin to constructing and artificial, mechanical Life. I don’t know how and why this has happened, maybe the same philosophy that created Decartism and other materialistic theories was at work, but this is quite interesting all by itself, I may go deeper in the history later on.


We have 4 elements in most Classical Philosophies – From Hindu to Greeks. Though in Buddhist system they also have an element for Space and another one for Consciousness.


If we dig in all these elemental systems they all have a progression of how they came to be, one element arising from the other or being born in a sequence. As in – from Unity, or Dao, Yin and Yang forces appear, though in Harmony they are inherently unstable and thus, from them the whole manifested world is being born. 2 changes into 3 when Yin-Yang becomes – Positive, Negative and Neutral Forces. 3 changes into 4 with Four Elements. 4 changes into 5 in 2 ways – one, natural order of things – with the addition of Prana or Vital Energy, which is mastered through Yoga and other techniques, which signifies the roots of Human Civilization, as proposed by many scholars, it might have been the power with which Pyramids and other Megalithic structures were built; the other way, (and this is where the Humanity went the wrong way), is the Mechanical way- the way of Technological Evolution. As I mentioned before it was done my Replacing Air/Prana element with Wood-Metal group. These were the most used materials for building and the moment Metal replaced Wood Technological Civilization was heading on full speed.


Plastic was invented and Air became Polluted, Prana being connected with the quality of Air has suffered immense degradation. Wood element is abused as well, since it completed it’s role as the fuel for Metal Extraction and source of fire, it’s being destroyed to further diminish the Air quality and the availability of Vital Energy so necessary for all Life on Earth.


Since this line of evolution is not a conscious one, though it requires consciousness to continue, in a parasitic from though, it feeds on a false premise of Power and Domination over Life and Nature. At it’s root is a wounded psyche that compensates for it’s perceived incompleteness, shame or some other shadow complex. Thus, healing is only possible from the inside.


While most people are infected with this mental virus, reversal is also possible. And it has to happen in the same order it was created – Stop the usage of Plastic, stop the usage of Metal, regrow the Wood – Forests, this will clean up the Air and bring the Prana back. If we can bring the 4 elements back in harmony we would be able to save the World and Nature, and ourselves. If not, we would see something terrible – Plastic would replace Metal and Life as we know it would seize to exist. Everything would be Plastic – food, water, air, wood, even metal – everything will be artificial – a Dead World of Dead Souls. But we still have time and we can turn this around! But we must hurry, the Machine is going full speed.
But what we need is a new Element – a MindBender, we need a way to open people’s Minds to the Reality they live in – the Artificial Reality that is Killing them Softly.


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