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Tweaking the Perception Intentionally can be Fun and Interesting

I’ve tried many things and they all seem to point in the same way. My current understanding of it is:

Our Consciousness is here to Observe and make Decisions – Steer the Wheel. Our Mind’s role is to Organize and Explore the Inner-Outer Reality.
Our Body is a Gauge, our a Link with the Earth and Nature.

We all have these 3 components, but our knowledge and use of them differ, sometimes significantly. Then, what we call our Life Experience(s) is better described as a Game, [a part of] the Grand Cosmic Game.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular Goal to the Game, it’s closer to a Flow of the River, kind of “Be with the Force”, Balance and Harmony protocol.

Once you know this – You’re a Jedi, Yogi, Shaman, Spiritual Warrior or whatever Role you want to Play at this Time-Place Continuum.

It’s all in your Hands – Eternity and Infinity – and your Hands are inside your Mind, and Your Mind is but an Echo in the Cosmic Void.

Seems like Knowledge is a pretty Useless thing after all

~ Knowledge without Action is useless. Kathy Gates
~ Knowledge without Sobriety is useless. Carlos Castaneda
~ Knowledge without Being is useless. Ouspensky (paraphrasing:)

In our Industrial Age we give more Importance to Information/Knowledge because Human Being became a Tool, not a Creator. We are all tools of the “Progress”, only we ourselves don’t Progress very much…

All is needed to Create is Observation and Experiment.

When the world became Industrialized – ie it became ‘mechanical’, robotic, automatic… the need for Observation and Experiment was reduced dramatically, this made possible Reproduction of millions of copies of the Original “Creation” without the need to Re-invent it, turning us into a Society of Consumers (not Creators), thus Slaves.

The Machine wants to remove you from Reality, from Nature, and dip you into a Silicone Salsa and Eat you alive while you watch your TV. It will take away your right to choose the food you eat, the air you breath, the land yo live on, the Thoughts and Emotions you have… look around yourself, isn’t this what is happening right now?

That said, the problem is not the Technology or Information or Knowledge. The Problem is in the Structure of our Society.

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